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​Latest Sheng Words And Their Meanings

Sheng has baffled many outsiders due to its dynamic nature. Every generation comes up with new words and phrases that render those of yesterday irrelevant. If you move out of Eastlands, Nairobi, say for 2 years or so, believe you me when you come back the language will have changed to an extent you’ll have a hard time keeping up with conversations.

Earlier linguistic scholars predicted a premature death for the tongue, but it has defied the test of time. Growing to become the unofficial lingo of Kenyan ghettoes. Scholars have written numerous papers about it, yet, they haven’t been able to state with finality whether it is vernacular, pidgin, creole, standard, classical, or lingua franca. 

Conversions in Facebook pages where cops, going by the monikers Hessy wa Kayole, Hessy wa Dandora etc, have taken the war against crime (precipitated by the likes of Gaza and Mauki crime families) in Eastlando have many bewildered. And that is the basis of sheng, to keep those who don’t understand the language out of the convos in Kayole Crime Free, Dandora Crime Free, Dandora Love People, Eastlando Crime Free, Kayole My Kingdom: Together We Can Make It A Safe Place. Here are latest sheng words you are likely to encounter in the groups and their definitions.

Arif – friend

Banka – Crib/House

Bitson – Beating

Bronchez/breathe – brother

Chuom – Alley

Father/fathela – father

Gafe – Cigarette

Gendi – Matatu

Gwangi/Stepa/Dingo – Gangster

Hasapa – Here

Jaba – Khat

Kushandwa – To get shot

Lamba lolo – Lick lollipop, have oral sex

Mambang’a/Mavedi – Cops

Mathe/mukuru/mokoro – mother

Maunenge/Kinenge – Hunger pangs

Mauru – Bad boy/girl

Maweng – Money

Mbekse – Two

Mble/Mbleina/Fafude – Fool

Mbogi – Group/Crew

Mbulu – T.V.

Mitiech – Hoods

Mjulubeng – Manhood

Moshatha – Upcountry

Ndeng’a/Chrome/Itoka – Gun

Nganya – Matatu

Ngiavati – Chapati

Ngono – Cart

Nguna – chic/girl

Ngwai – Weed/marijuana

Nyai/Pona – Steal 

Nyuria – Die

Palito – radio

Pinchi – Pick pocket

Pori – Wallet/Pocket

Rada – Understand/be alert

Riba – story

Ridhe – Bullet

Rombosa – Dance

Shandwa – Get shot

Sistare/mtasis – sister

Tenje – Phone/radio

Tonje – Laptop

Tutu – Coward

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P.S: Note that sheng differs slightly from hood to hood. 

Feel free to add more that I haven’t included or offer correction where wrong.


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