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Beowulf and Modern Day Heroes

Heroes in epic poems usually accomplish near-impossible tasks in their quest to help members of their societies from enemies. In most cases, epic heroes have to fight against powerful creatures or individuals with superhuman qualities. In some cases, these heroes are able to ascend to leadership thrones. A case in point is Beowulf, who fought powerful beasts more than once and eventually became ruler of his people. While most epic heroes’ tales are often from ancient times, some are from modern day heroes. Bruce Wayne of the Batman trilogy is an example. Both ancient and present day heroes posses powerful qualities that enable them to defeat their antagonists. On the other hand, they contrast in the sense that ancient heroes had the task of defeating creatures with superhuman qualities. Present day heroes mostly set out to correct social evils. Therefore, there are similarities and differences between past and modern day epic heroes. Read the rest of this entry »

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