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Beyond Shades: Chapter 4

Movie Date

The Date

Loud voices that seemed to emanate from everywhere aroused me from the afternoon power nap. I slowly sat up on my bed and tried to register the source of the noise. The room seemed to spin at a dizzying speed. I reflexively closed my eyes and held on to either side of the slim bed. I opened one eye at a time as my body adjusted to the surrounding. The noises seemed to get louder and louder. Curiosity got the better of me and I got out to investigate. I had not got far when I met a bunch of my hostel mates shoving a boy I had met in the corridors once or twice.

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Beyond Shades: Chapter 3




After the Volvo disappeared around the school block, I made my way to the cafeteria to grab a snack and hang out with friends. I made an effort to join the lively chitchat my friends were having but it was a vain attempt. I just kept playing possible scenes of what might have warranted the emergency hospitalization of Raj’s father. Since the next class for the day was late in the afternoon, I decided to head back to the hostels and do some laundry–a chore I really loathed. There was no one in our room when I got back and the place seemed so cold and desolate. I got my phone out and gave Raj a call. I was glad to hear the situation was not as serious as I had feared. His dad was in shock after a freak accident along Museum Hill road. I expressed my relief and promised to hook up later in the afternoon.

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Beyond Shades: Chapter 2


Conflict of Interests

I was attempting to cross the street to the hostels, oblivious of oncoming traffic. Some men in the small crowd that had gathered abused me hysterically.

“Stupid boy! What were you even thinking?” One scorned.

“Perhaps he was trying to commit suicide,” another quipped.

“Let’s give him a beating,” another voice advised.

At this moment, I was swimming in a state of semi-consciousness. While I could hear the speakers’ voices, I was unable to make out their faces. Everything appeared in a haze. None but the old lady who runs a food kiosk near the hostels seemed to notice this state I was in.

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