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20 Short Messages for a Broken Heart

Broken Heart

1. Heart breaks can be painful. Nonetheless, it is not wise to spend time worrying over what has already happened. Worry bars you from moving on with life.
2. Sometimes the relationship you are trying so hard to fight for is not worth fighting for. Think of it as an opening to new opportunities.
3. The temptation to be friends again is so strong immediately after a break up, but do not give in. Give yourselves time to heal.
4. Think of the circumstances that led to your breakup. This will give you a clear picture of whether the relationship deserves another shot or not.
5. Be careful not to shut yourself from ever trusting again. The fear of being betrayed again may bar you from meeting wonderful people.

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20 Short Good Morning Messages


1. Once again, the light of the day defeats the darkness of the night. May you shine like the light of the day in your endeavors. Have a fruitful day.
2. Ingredients for a wonderful day? Wake up with a smile on your face, a spring to your step, and a strong will in your heart. Good Morning.
3. A new day offers you the opportunity to start afresh. Leave the bitter past behind you and embrace new opportunities.
4. Like a ship’s horn announces its arrival at port, the wonderful chirping of birds announces the arrival of a new wonderful day. Wake up and embrace it.
5. With the rising of the sunrise brand new opportunities. Wake up and embrace them, for they will not last forever.

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