Download Owaah’s “The Man Who Sold a Country” PDF

28 Sep
Download Owaah’s “The Man Who Sold a Country” PDF

If you follow social media conversations actively then by now you may have heard of an explosive short story historian and political commentator Owaah penned.

Aptly titled “The Man Who Sold a Country,” the article lays bare the tribulations ordinary citizens are going through thanks to an incompetent President and his government.

Poor foresight, insatiable desire for money (read graft) and uncontrolled borrowing have burdened the country with loans that we did not really need in the first place.

This has set the country in a downward spiral and no one dares openly challenge the system because we have been systematically coached to never question authority.

Owaah rightly christens the nation, or what is left of it, The Lunatic Express. “We are a
slow, rickety, rusty, badly run and maintained train,” notes Owaah.

The article is not only a brutally honest dissection of our current state as a nation but also a challenge to see things as they are and stop living the lie that we are.

The article was first published on but the site no longer online, either by design or technical challenges.

You can however download it here

Read subsequent parts:

The Man Who Sold This Country

The Man Who Sold That Country

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