Videos: Miguna Manhandled, Forced to Emirates Plane

27 Mar
Videos: Miguna Manhandled, Forced to Emirates Plane

Miguna Miguna being manhandled by plainclothes officers at JKIA

There was drama and shameful scenes at JKIA for the better part of yesterday night and today morning as Kenyan immigration and  security officers denied self-proclaimed NRM general Miguna Miguna reentry into the country.
Instead, the officers used brute force to try and bulldoze Miguna into a Dubai-bound Emirates plane that had been delayed for several hours.

Hon. Raila Odinga watched helplessly as the events unfolded, at one point he tried to ran after the officers whisking Miguna away, all in vain.

Nonetheless, Miguna characteristically caused a ruckus, shouting that the airline cannot be used to fly him out of his birth country. Understandably, he did not have his luggage and travel documents with him at the time.

Several journalists and controversial businessman Jimmy Wanjigi were also manhandled at the airport as they tried to follow up on the transpiring events.

Here are some videos capturing the ugly scenes at JKIA:

Miguna being whisked away by plainclothes officers. Video: Nelson Havi

Hon. Raila Odinga tries to follow up…

Miguna caused scenes in the Emirates plane, ensuring it did not take off. Video: Citizen TV

The Emirates plane finally took off shortly after midnight without Miguna Miguna. He is said to be still at the airside awaiting whatever fate holds for him.

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