How to choose best handmade jewelry for your next event?

05 Mar
How to choose best handmade jewelry for your next event?

By Jerry

Did you know that there are certain rules to follow when you want to match your jewelry with your clothes, events or occasions and even skin tones?

handmade collage copy

Collage of Handmade Jewelry. Image: Jerry, ShowFlipper

We at ShowFlipper will show you how

But first, did we tell you that we help jewelry designers in showcasing their creativity to the world?

So when it comes to jewelry, especially handmade jewelry, there are absolutely sacred rules to follow. These rules go along with events, clothes, occasions and skin tones.

The designs of jewelry entirely depend on the level of artistry of the designer, the various influences they undergo, the style in which they are most comfortable with. The use of that particular jewelry design and trends that are prevalent also influence the designs made by the artist.

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Let us find out what kind of jewelry goes best with the type of event or occasion you would attend.

For office

Minimalism is the idea when it comes to office jewelry.

For conservative workplaces, stud earrings that match or complement your outfit are best. In less conservative offices, stud earrings or small hoops earring design, which does not sparkle, could be worn. In creative offices, large earrings that do not make noise could be worn. As a common sense, a watch or a bracelet, a ring, two earrings and a necklace (depending on the outfit) are acceptable.

If you are looking for office-wear handmade jewelry, ShowFlipper brings to you a complete range of office jewelry which is affordable for everyone.

For formal events

For formal events, it is best to look elegant and classy. It is best to use one piece of jewelry that stands out and glorifies your dress or physical traits. One should always select one statement piece such as a ring, earrings, bracelet or necklace that stands out!

If you are interested in buying statement jewelry for your next formal event, ShowFlipper is your online jewelry store to find your perfect handmade jewelry item for your next event.

For parties –

If the event you are attending is a party; there are no rules per say! You are free to wear noisy bangles and blinding jewels. But here also, do not let jewelry to steal your charm.

For handmade jewelry for parties, visit ShowFlipper to buy your choice!

For special occasions –

Events and popular days like Valentine’s Day or International Women’s Day are also a reason to buy, gift or wear jewelry fit for the occasion. For example, you can buy jewelry to gift your loved one in the hues and shades of red. Or for Women’s Day, you can buy jewelry for your mother, sister, friend based on their personal styles and preferences.

Whatever is your skin tone, the options of handmade jewelry for office and formal events are set, while for party and special occasions, it all depends on the skin tone of an individual. For example, yellow gold goes well with dark tones of skin while oxidized silver jewelry goes well with pale skin tones.

For every event and occasion, we have the right handmade jewelry for you!

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