I’ve Shaken Off Writer’s Block!!!

21 May

Hey guys, it’s been a few days, well months, since I was on this platform. A lot has happened; I got a new engagement, new phones and OSs (I hope that came out right) have been launched, Jacob Juma murdered-or is it assassinated? Rao and co. have been teargassed…etc etc. All in all, we are here and we are breathing fine, which is the most important thing of all.
Ardent followers have obviously wondered why part 6 of Beyond Shades hasn’t come out. I know this because I’ve seen some ‘Beyond Shades Part 6’ google searches come up on the blog’s stats. As much as it is gratifying to know you’re looking forward to know what’s up next in Sonia, Edwin, and Christine’s lives, it saddens me that I haven’t published it already, guess why? Writer’s block.
I always thought writers block happens when one can no longer come up with ideas to continue a story. How wrong I was. Too many ideas that a writer is unable to pick one can also stall a story, which is exactly what’s happened to me. I’ve written dozens of drafts only to tear them and begin a fresh. I’ve spent numerous hours typing until my fingers hurt, only to hit the button next to ‘save’ in desperation.
So I decided to take a sabbatical. I stopped struggling to pick the ‘best’ idea for the next part. I literally chose to forget I even have a story to continue writing. Guess what? It’s just what I needed. I got tons of inspiring encounters from everyday experiences, mine and friends.’ As I write this, am in the process of finishing up a skeleton for the next part. So dear readers, watch this space for part 6 of Beyond Shades.
P.S: Careful of guys on bikes trailing you, you’re better of reading my stories then lying 6ft under with a lit torch, knive and tortoise.

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