20 Short Messages for a Broken Heart

18 Jun

Broken Heart

1. Heart breaks can be painful. Nonetheless, it is not wise to spend time worrying over what has already happened. Worry bars you from moving on with life.
2. Sometimes the relationship you are trying so hard to fight for is not worth fighting for. Think of it as an opening to new opportunities.
3. The temptation to be friends again is so strong immediately after a break up, but do not give in. Give yourselves time to heal.
4. Think of the circumstances that led to your breakup. This will give you a clear picture of whether the relationship deserves another shot or not.
5. Be careful not to shut yourself from ever trusting again. The fear of being betrayed again may bar you from meeting wonderful people.

6. Avoid the temptation to do things that may bring back memories of you relationship. This will help you heal faster.
7. Refrain from bombarding you ex with calls, texts, or mail. It will make you look desperate and this will make you feel humiliated.
8. Spend time doing things you love, like traveling swimming or gardening. This will distract you from the break up and help you heal faster.
9. Thinking of reconciliation? Be sure that is what your ex wants too. Otherwise, you may end up trapped in a cycle of the same events.
10. Try to avoid the temptation to shut yourself in your own world. Spend more time with friends and family. It will help in the healing process.
11. Romantic relationships are about sharing your life with someone. If your partner did not appreciate you, then the break up is for the better.
12. Torturing yourself means you are also rejecting yourself. Embrace the fact that you are a wonderful person who deserves to live positively.
13.Are you uncertain whether the relationship deserves a second chance or not? Then it probably does not. Do not ignore the writing on the wall.
14. Go through the breakup and not around it. Getting into another relationship to get over the past is a destructive choice you need to avoid.
15. You hold the key to your own happiness. Choose what makes you happy and what does not. Entrusting your happiness to others is a risky gamble.
16. Find someone who is going through a similar problem and help them deal with their grief. This will help you feel better about yourself.
17. Cry if you have the urge to. Crying is a powerful psychological process that helps us deal with strong emotions.
18. Avoid things that will make memories of you ex come flooding back. Do not check his Facebook profile or pass by his place of work.
19. Forgiveness is a powerful way of dealing with your ghosts. Forgiveness gives you the opportunity to be at peace with yourself.
20. Take consolation on the fact that to brokenhearted, you loved truly. It may have not worked out but at least you gave it your all.

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