20 Short Good Morning Messages

18 Jun


1. Once again, the light of the day defeats the darkness of the night. May you shine like the light of the day in your endeavors. Have a fruitful day.
2. Ingredients for a wonderful day? Wake up with a smile on your face, a spring to your step, and a strong will in your heart. Good Morning.
3. A new day offers you the opportunity to start afresh. Leave the bitter past behind you and embrace new opportunities.
4. Like a ship’s horn announces its arrival at port, the wonderful chirping of birds announces the arrival of a new wonderful day. Wake up and embrace it.
5. With the rising of the sunrise brand new opportunities. Wake up and embrace them, for they will not last forever.

6. Last night, someone took their last breath, someone fell ill. Waking up healthy is a privilege for the truly blessed. Go out and make the best of it.
7. Thoughts are powerful tools with which we shape our lives. Remind yourself how great the day is going to be and how you are not going to waste it.
8. Reward yourself with nature’s morning gifts. Quietude, the spectacular scene of the rising sun, and the chirping of birds. Good Morning.
9. In the morning, winners define their day not by what lies in store for them but what they look forward to. Good morning and have a winning day.
10. The splendor with which a new day begins is meaningless unless you have a purpose, a good purpose. Good Morning and have a purposeful day.
11. Every morning, proclaim to yourself, “I am a winner,” for you have a conquered a lot to wake up alive and healthy. Do not take it for granted.
12. Like a newly-born baby is without a name, a new day is a blank slate. Waste it not with negativity. Write a good story on it.
13. When you wake up every morning, think of everything that could happen right instead of what could go wrong. Have a wonderful day.
14. The sweet smell of coffee is a promise of the sweet day that awaits you. Embrace it with gratitude and positivity.
15. Start your day with love, compassion, and gratitude if you want it to end with sweet memories. The heart that gives love receives love.
16. If you are strong enough to get out of bed early in the morning, you are strong enough to overcome any obstacle thrown on your path.
17. The Sun rises afresh each morning to remind you that yesterday’s mistakes are now buried in the past. Look ahead and focus on your goals.
18. Waking up with excuses is the perfect way to ruin a beautiful day. Every morning, think positive and you will find a way out of your sorrows.
19. Until you figure out how magical the morning is, you will not understand why plants and animals are excited by it. Wake up and witness the miracle.
20. Rising before the Sun is a feat you should be proud of. Good morning and welcome to the world of champions.


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