Exercises For The Brain

29 May


Benefits of regular exercise cannot be overstated. However, most of us tend to concentrate in exercising muscular parts of our bodies. Like muscles, brain power and memory decrease with age and disuse. That’s bad news. Nonetheless, the good news is that irrespective of age, the human brain has the ability to form new neural pathways if stimulated in the right ways. The following are some ways you can boost your memory and brain power.

  • Use non-dominant organs
  • Break routine; do things you’ve never done before.
  • Do things with your eyes closed.
  • Do one thing at a time for maximum concentration.
  • Do neurobic and aerobic exercises.
  • Organize information.
  • Focus on understanding the basics.
  • Review what you’ve learned/done on the same day and at intervals later.
  • Challenge the brain with new games and puzzles.
  • Reduce/avoid stress where possible.
  • Practice stretching exercises.
  • Eat well and right (foods containing antioxidants and supplements like thiamine).
  • Eat small and frequently.
  • Make a deliberate effort to memorize situations.
  • Memorize long numbers (phone numbers, bank account numbers) by breaking them into parts: 123-456-789, instead of  123456789.
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